Revistas Wood

Themes: Schools and daycare centres. Puuinfo’s new ePuu service is also presented in this issue. It will facilitate the preparation of wood construction projects and provide answers to people’s key questions about using wood. One of our goals with this service is to inform people that fire regulations in fact allow a variety of different uses for wood in construction. Hopefully the service will help people see the many different methods and materials available in wood construction. The service is in Finnish.

Themes: Tall wood buildings, Massive wood, Carbon footprint. In this issue, we take a look at carbon footprint calculations and at experiences and results from a comparative study. It is a sensitive subject. When carbon dioxide emissions are brought up in conversation, the climate tends to not be the only thing that heats up. Controversy and denial do not, however, reduce emissions.

Theme for this issue is versatile wood. There are plenty of opportunities for increasing the use of wood, as it is a construction material with numerous potential applications. Wood does not always need to be used on a grand scale, such as in the new exquisite interior of Isku’s property in Lahti or the wooden terrace built by a Helsinki family to liven up the concrete jungle. Wood use can also be increased in small details. Even the tiniest amount is always more than nothing.

Theme for this issue are wooden homes. A variety of resident surveys show that people want wood in their homes, particularly in visible surfaces. Solid wood construction is finally making this a reality. Adding wood surfaces to other types of apartment production, not just solid wood construction, would also be relatively easy. It is a bit of a shame that it is not common practice. Resident surveys show that such wood surfaces would be more than enough to fulfil most people’s wishes. According to the surveys, the material used in the building framework itself is not of particular importance to residents.

Theme: Gluelam sturctures and Bridges

Themes: Detached houses and recreational construction, Wooden surfaces

Theme: Schools and day-care centres

Theme: Wood in the city & Resident satisfaction and costs of wood apartment buildings

Theme: Small-scale construction and Wood in interiors

Theme: Public buildings and architecture

Theme: Small-scaled wood construction and Wood in Interiors

Theme: Repair of apartment blocks, supplementary building and durable wooden facade


5 De la foi envers l’avenir

6 Produits et nouvelles


5 Vertrauen in die Zukunft

6 Produkte und Neuigkeiten

This number is summarizes the latest wooden multi-storey buildings, which present new, alternative ways to build apartment buildings. These examples show that the use of wood actually creates new opportunities to renew and diversify the residential high-rise architecture.

Theme for this issue is Log construction and Wood outside.

Thema: Blockbauweise und Holz im Außenbereich

Thème : Structures en bois et Bois dans le jardin

Theme: Big wooden constructions and Bridges

Thema: Große Holzkonstruktionen und Holzbrücken

Thème : Structures à grande portée et ponts en bois