Revistas Wood

Theme: Gluelam sturctures and Bridges

Themes: Detached houses and recreational construction, Wooden surfaces

Theme: Schools and day-care centres

Theme: Wood in the city & Resident satisfaction and costs of wood apartment buildings

Theme: Small-scale construction and Wood in interiors

Theme: Public buildings and architecture

Theme: Small-scaled wood construction and Wood in Interiors

Theme: Repair of apartment blocks, supplementary building and durable wooden facade


5 De la foi envers l’avenir

6 Produits et nouvelles


5 Vertrauen in die Zukunft

6 Produkte und Neuigkeiten

This number is summarizes the latest wooden multi-storey buildings, which present new, alternative ways to build apartment buildings. These examples show that the use of wood actually creates new opportunities to renew and diversify the residential high-rise architecture.

Theme for this issue is Log construction and Wood outside.

Thème : Structures en bois et Bois dans le jardin

Thema: Blockbauweise und Holz im Außenbereich

Theme: Big wooden constructions and Bridges

Thème : Structures à grande portée et ponts en bois

Thema: Große Holzkonstruktionen und Holzbrücken